“In the human life cycle the early childhood phase from birth to nine years is considered the most important phase for every human being. Giving children the best start in life means ensuring them good health, proper nutrition and early learning. The well being of children depends on the ability of families to function effectively. Children need to grow up in a nurturing and secure family that can ensure their development, protection, survival and participation in family and social life. From an environmental perspective, it means safe water, basic sanitation, and protection from violence, abuse, exploitation and discrimination. These imperatives work best together and lay the foundation for life.

Early childhood development services need to be holistic and should attend to the child’s health, nutrition, development, psychosocial and other needs. Parents, communities, non-governmental organisations and government departments have a role to play to ensure an integrated service to
children. Collaboration between sectors is therefore of the utmost importance. Access to basic social services is the right of all children, parents and other primary caregivers. They should have access to as many resources as possible to provide in the needs of young children.” – The Guidelines for Early Childhood Development Services, 2006

The Department of Social Development has always had your child’s best interest at heart. Even now, through this pandemic, DSD together with WCED and UNICEF have put together a few informative and fun information leaflets for you to download, distribute and use. Each leaflet that is released, will be added to our website timeously, for you to download and make use of.






COVID-19 AND PARENTS          





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