TLI 2019-2020 Annual Report

Our Blocks 4 Growth Team has had a very exciting past year.

Our M&E consultants summed up our 2019-2020 year as follows:

“The B4G program appears to be a catalyst for parents to embrace their critical role in facilitating the learning and development of their child….They are equipped with the knowledge, support and skills to make simple but important adjustments to their environment at home and to  working with their child to reinforce and support learning at home and at school. The many opportunities for observation and engagement of parents and teachers with the B4G implementers drives sustainability and extends its impact to extend to beyond the therapy group into the classroom, the home and wider community. The evaluation of 2019 operations and outcomes proves that the B4G program continued to deliver high quality work and sustained the achievement of exceptional results.”

Want to know more about our B4G programme and results?

TLI Annual Report 2019-2020