Over the past two books we have addressed different components of your child’s holistic development to help you better prepare your child
for formal schooling. Our next book, B4G Special Edition 5 Activity Book 3 of 4, is now available for free download, just click on the link alongside.

This activity book focuses on how to use simple household items to help stimulate and play with your child to learn and develop according to the standards of the NCF. Although the activities in this book are based on the NCF aims, they provide a therapeutic outlook on stimulation and therefore it is still very important that your child attends an ECD centre where many opportunities are provided for your child to learn. It is our hope that with the combination of the therapeutic and teaching outlook, your child will develop and master certain skills so that he/she can cope in school.

Remember, each child develops at his or her own pace and has different things that he or she is good at. It is important that you spend as much times as possible with your child to play, teach and motivate. Show your children how exciting it is to learn something new. At this age children learn best through play. This book gives you many different ideas of how you can use household items