At TLI we believe that each child is unique and special and each one has different sets of abilities.

As children grow, there are specific behaviours, skills or tasks that they should be able to do at specific ages – these are called developmental milestones. Although each child develops and learns at their own pace, developmental milestones help parents, teachers and professionals to identify if there are areas your child is struggling with and may require support for.

Our next set of activity books, B4G Special Edition Activity Book 5, are closely linked to a document known as the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) which was developed by our government as guideline for early childhood development (ECD) centres to follow in order to improve children’s learning experiences, enhance development in a holistic manner and lay a solid learning foundation. This document focuses on four different age groups: 0-18 months, 18-36 months, 3-4 years and 4-5 years, which we have included in our activity books.

The NCF identifies six Early Learning Developmental Areas (ELDAs), which are specific areas of development. Each ELDA has aims that should be used as guidelines when planning activities according to the children’s age and stage of development. In our Special Edition 5 Activity Books we target each ELDA and their individual sum-aims.

Even if your child is unable to attend a crèche, you as a parent can help your child be more ready for school by following the activities in this Special Edition of Activity books.