Lockdown reality – helping provide stimulation to children in need during lockdown

We are passionate about reaching our mission of getting therapists into communities, even during these difficult times. Although we need to protect our team, we can still make a difference through promoting stimulation at home.

During the national lockdown in South Africa most families are struggling to put food on the table, so needless to say, stimulation has taken a back seat.

We would like to encourage caregivers to invest time in their children by providing them with resources and activity ideas.

If you would like to donate, any amount is welcome, and help provide a family with a stimulation pack with activity ideas (for 3-6 year old children) and parent wellness tips, visit

Even if you cannot help us with any donation, please help us by clicking on the ‘TLI Needs Your Help’ link below to download and share this post with your family and friends. All donations will be divided amongst the different communities that we serve across the Western Cape.

Every bit helps!

           TLI Needs Your Help