As we all know, South Africa will be on a full national LOCKDOWN which will begin at midnight Thursday, 26 March 2020, and will continue for 21 days. This means that we are all required to stay home except for essential purposes.

Yes, that means that you will stay home with your family for 21 consecutive days! We know this may be frightening, however TLI and the B4G team have decided to dedicate our resources through our social media platforms to help stimulate your child throughout this 21 day period.

Over the next few weeks we will be posting some activity ideas for you to do with your child through our social media platforms, if you have not yet liked or followed us, please do this to get our fun updates and activities. These activities will be posted daily, starting on day 1 of 21. We will explain what we are targeting in each activity.

Remember, the most important lesson your child can learn is to play! Through play your child can learn almost anything.

We will be sharing our special addition activity book through our social media platforms throughout the 21 day period. If however you would like to download the full activity book, click on the download link alongside.

Remember that although this is a period of facing challenges and uncertainties due to the Coronavirus, it is now more than ever, we have the opportunity to show our children how to cope and be resilient in difficult times. Let’s focus on providing them with the love, security and structure they deserve. Spend time with your children talking, playing and doing these activities together. Please share your experiences and masterpieces with us on Instagram or Facebook. Remember to tag us in your posts!