To support children with barriers to learning in disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa.

We aim to

  • identify young children who are at risk of developmental delays and potential barriers to learning through professional screening and assessment
  • provide trans-disciplinary interventions that promote holistic child development and focus on addressing barriers to learning
  • encourage active parent, practitioner and community involvement in the stimulation and education of young children
  • build capacity within the school, family and community through training, support and resources
  • offer support to children, parents, families, practitioners and creches
  • advocate for the importance of quality ECD programmes in South Africa.

TLI was established in 2014, with the aim of making professional services available to children from disadvantaged communities to ensure that they can reach their potential in school and beyond. Research has repeatedly shown that early identification and intervention is crucial for optimal functioning and self-actualisation.  In 2016 TLI partnered with the Western Cape Department of Social Development to develop, test and implement a ground-breaking, therapeutic intervention that promotes holistic child development in 4-5 year old children.

We believe by focusing on professionalism and following best practice and our ethical guidelines, we can provide quality services that serve the needs of our beneficiaries and contribute positively to the quality of education. We strive to equip all our young children with tools, techniques, enthusiasm and resilience to thrive in school.

TLI’s organisational structure consists of a Board of Trustees, Project Managers, Therapists, Programme Implementers and Facilitators.

The managers and therapists are all registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) which guides our standards of ethical and professional practice. Programme Implementers and Facilitators work under the guidance of therapists and have a minimum NQF Level 4 qualification. Management is responsible for project, operational and financial management and therapists assist with continuous programme development. We maintain sound financial management practices and our accounts are audited by independent auditors. We are guided by The Independent Code of Governance for Non-Profit- Organization in South Africa. Our current structure is also aligned with the South African Curriculum Framework for Children from Birth to Four, National Early Learning and Development Standards (NELDS) and the Children’s Act.


Read more about our leading project: BLOCKS4GROWTH

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Thando’s drawing of a person at the beginning and end of the B4G programme


4 years 4 months


5 years 0 months


Most learning and shaping takes place between birth and going to school. Children learn foundational cognitive abilities, attitudes and skills that will shape their school career and the rest of their life.  The stark reality in South Africa is that many young children are not given the opportunity to launch their school career with the skills and support they need.  The later we attempt to address early learning barriers, the costlier the remediation becomes. In addition, it has been recognized globally that the most powerful investment in human capital lies in the early years, where the foundations are laid for educational success, economic productivity and national growth.


We are extremely proud of the number of children, parents and practitioners that have received direct intervention through the B4G programme. We believe that through the transference of skills, many more lives of individual children and families have been indirectly touched through B4G.

No. of children B4G has reached

Note: *Number of children referred: Children who were identified during the screening process as requiring more specialised, intensive medical or therapeutic intervention. They are referred to clinics, hospitals or other non-profit organisations.

Parent workshop attendance

Practitioner coaching and mentoring

Reflected at 30 July 2019

“The programme changed my child from aggressive mood into a normal child. He was not a talking person but now he can communicate with us. My child is now talkative and interested in school work.”

Vrygrond parent feedback in homework book, 2018

“I like everything about your programme. I could see the progress in my child how he could identify things, how he has learned to express his feelings and what I like most was how we as parents could do activities with him.“

MP parent feedback in homework book, 2018

“(My child) wants to learn more, and do more than just the homework. That makes me happy to see he wants to learn.”

Klapmuts parent feedback in homework book, 2018

“Where do I start? The thing I love the most was the homework, it gave me more one-on-one time with him. It made me feel apart of his educational growth”

Macassar parent, homework book, 2018

‘B4G gave my daughter so much more confidence in every aspect’

MP, homework book, 2018

‘I didn’t know that she is open minded’


“thank you for everything that you guys do. My child learnt a lot, how to interact and say what happening and what she likes and doesn’t like.”


Thank you for this initiative. Many of us parents are eager to stimulate our little ones but struggled to find appropriate resources. Sometimes we feel it costs money or it’s too overwhelming. Blocks4Growth teaches us that there are many simple, easy, cost-effective methods to help us along. Many of us come from families where our parents didn’t finish primary or high school and our grandparents were illiterate. This is a step in the right directions for us who aim to break the cycle and empower/equip our kids with knowledge. I am grateful for these workshops in our area.

Via Facebook

‘’I thnk u guys for your hardwork on helpng n showng us ways hw to deal wth our kids tentrums, my son enjoyed the activities on sat…and he lv’s the 30 page book frm the goodies bag. THNX AGAIN.”

Facebook, Grassy park mom, PW2, 2019

Amy Stapylton, one of our Occupational Therapists and Managers, is taking part in Sanlam Cape Town Marathon 2022 to raise money for The Learning Initiative.

She believes in the great work, that we as an organisation, are accomplishing. This is a cause that is very close to her heart. If you can, please donate to the fundraising project on GivenGain Foundation. Click on the link alongside to donate to this wonderful cause.

Donate to GivenGain


Your donation, no matter how big, ensures that The Learning Initiative is able to continue working in these communities providing children with the vital and valuable building blocks to an open mind and educational growth.


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