Professionals empowering communities

Identifying learners' strengths and weaknesses


Our newest development BLOCKS4GROWTH

This is a quality ECD programme developed to promote holistic growth within 4-5 year old children to better prepare them for formal schooling.

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 Many learners in South African public schools have a great need for learning support.

Learners who do not have the financial resources to obtain private professional services are left unsupported in the school system.

As a result they experience failure on a daily basis, resulting in school drop-out and subsequent social problems.



Our views to success

To support children with learning barriers in disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

Early identification and intervention of children with learning barriers through professional screening, assessments and interventions.

  • Developmental screening & educational assessments
  • Trans-disciplinary Intervention plans
  • Community based support services
  • Collaboration between governmental departments and private sector

How we connect

  • Our current structure is aligned with support policies of the Western Cape Education Department, South African Curriculum Framework for Children from Birth to Four, National Early Learning and Development Standards (NELDS), Children’s Act.

  • Our organization places high value on collaboration between the private and public sectors.