We have developed eight culturally diverse, inclusive and colourful books as a valuable resource for caregivers and practitioners to bring out the best in their children.

Mr Muku’s Hair Salon

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So Many Leaves!

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Who Will I Be?

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Vuyo’s Friendship Bracelet

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Me &
My Friends


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I am


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Free Resources

Learning fun for the whole family!

Our teams are continuously developing a range of brilliant, interactive and fun stimulation resources to use at home with your child. Easily download the activity books, worksheets and more. All of our resources are developed and designed with input from occupational therapists, speech therapists and a psychologist

Parent Wellness

Parent Wellness Book 1

Wellness refers to having a healthy and fulfilling life. We all wish for such a life and although not everything is in our control, we can make certain choices and decisions that can promote a healthy, fulfilling and happy life.

Parent Wellness Book 2

When you take care of yourself, you can be a better parent. Being a good parent is so important as you are setting your child up to succeed in life. The relationship you have with your child is the first and most important connection in their life. They look up to you and you model how to deal with life.

Stimulation Ideas (0-5 Year Old)

Let’s Recycle Book 1

This book gives you many different ideas of how you can use household items and play to help your child to learn and develop according to the standards of the NCF.

Let’s Recycle Book 2

The NCF also identifies six Early Learning Developmental Areas (ELDAs), which are specific areas of development. Each ELDA has aims that should be used as guidelines when planning activities according to the children’s age and stage of development.

Let’s Recycle Book 3

Children need to have mastered certain skills in their development before going to school so that they can cope. And you as a parent/caregiver can play a big role in this, by giving your child many opportunities to learn and explore at home.

Let’s Recycle Book 4

Each child is unique and special. Each child has different abilities.
Every parent or caregiver should spend time with their child to stimulate and to create opportunities for learning.

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