September 2023 Newsletter

Greetings Friends and Family of The Learning Initiative (TLI)

Spring has sprung and as the new season made its exciting arrival, we have the honour of having a front row seat seeing little hearts blossoming with potential. Merely seven months ago these children were identified as developmentally at risk with a year of hard gardening ahead and now they are reaching their developmental goals one by one.

These children will look back on a year of fun sessions filled by playing with the OT and facilitator – not realising just how hard they were working. We look back on a year of fun sessions filled by incredible growth – emotional, social, developmental, educational, and relational. It was a team effort and such a joy to facilitate a strong network for every child between their school, self, therapy, and home environments. With a hopeful heart I’m nearing the end of the year knowing that they will soon be in full bloom!