B4G Special Edition 4 Activity Book 3

B4G Special Edition Activity Book 3

B4G Special Edition Activity Book 3 Part 1

From Monday, 18 May 2020, we will introduce new activities on our social media platforms for you and your child to complete that link to our Special Edition Activity Book 3, which has two parts. This book can be downloaded directly by clinking on the button below, if you do not have it already. If you cannot print this book, be creative and re-create it for your child using pen and paper.

Our Special Edition Activity Book 3 will be our main focus over the next two weeks, so follow us day by day. Remember children learn through play and repetition, so make your activities fun and be sure to repeat them throughout the week, not only once.

Each activity will be a two part activity in order to focus on all areas of development. One section will be a hands on activity, which you can find in the Caregiver Instructions Booklet, while the other will be paper based activity in the Special Edition 3 Activity Workbook.

Special Edition 3.0 Part 2 Activity Workbook